Volume 1 Issue 2

1 : Welcome to Lukad: An Online Journal of Pedagogy
Jayson L. de Vera

5 : Doing Philosophy in Northern Philippines: Interviews with Serrano, Centeno, and Alterado, Officers of the Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon
Jan Gresil S. Kahambing, Ronald P. Taggaoa and Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III

28 : Salik-Suri sa Kultura ng Southern Leyteñong Kwentong Bayan
Mark B. Galdo

28 : A Preliminary Study on the Structural Models and Underlying Forms of Power of Some Fifteen Philippine Cultural Practices associated with the Concept “Bulong”
Renato G. Maligaya and Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III

81 : Isang Analisis sa Mga Piling Disertasyong Nagsuri ng Nobela tungo sa Pagbuo ng Pantulong na Kagamitan
Juliet O. Mandado

98 : The Women in the Iliad
Ma. Sheila M. Simat

109 : Lettuce Grown in the Open Field and Protected Culture Applied with Different Fermented Plant Juices
Eden A. Alam

121 : Trainer’s Effectiveness on Learning DC Motor Control
Alfredo N. Cadores and Raymundo V. Romero

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